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Why Physiotherapy

Why Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy uses proven hands on techniques and exercises to help treat different conditions. To prevent additional damage we work to rehabilitate and restore the use of a body part. We will develop a treatment plan that meets your personal needs and we are thorough in our diagnosis and check-ups. The objective of a Physiotherapist is not just to address the pain or the swelling at that given point of time, but it is to identify the root cause of the problem faced by the patient and treat the condition at the source. To ease the pain, the physiotherapist may use hands on treatment like massage, gentle hand pressure over joints and stretching muscles to help a person move easier and with less pain. We also teach special exercises and movements to reduce pain and speed healing.

The reason why Physiotherapy has been accepted as an effective treatment method around the globe, is due to the fact that the approach taken to improve a condition is without the help of any medication at all or in certain cases, with the minimum amount of medication. Much research has proven that the sooner a person starts physiotherapy, the quicker they will recover in the short and long term.

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